Maintaining your roofing is one of the important tasks you have as a homeowner. You may easily forget or neglect your roofing because it is out sight and therefore out of mind. It is not easy to spot a problem with your rooftop because it requires proper skills, training and experience to notice any problems with your rooftop. However, you can be able to save the structural integrity of your roof if you notice such problem early. Here are some of the most common problems to be on the lookout for.

Lack of maintenance

Roof maintenance is essential and has to be done in the right way. You should have an annual inspection plan for your roofing done by a professional. Following any severe storm event, you need to organize for a professional inspection. Some of the signs of a neglected roof include mildew, sagging or large holes.

Roof leaks

Leaking is an indication of a problem on your roof no matter the type. Your roofing is supposed to keep every inside and therefore you need to fix leaks when they occur. It is important to detect the leaks on time so as to be fixed on time.

Improper repairs

Using materials that are not recommended to be applied on specific roof types can damage your roof permanently. You should ensure you hire a reputable contractor for your roof repair to avoid such problems in the long run.

Storm related damages
Summer, spring, winter or fall can cause storm related damages. Lightning, hail, broken branches or even heavy winds can cause damage to your roofing. You should always do an inspection following any weather-related event.


Built up moisture can cause problems if when left to fester over time. Moisture may lead to mildew and mold which will cause to rotting. Furthermore, it may pose a threat to the whole structure if it gets into the walls.

Poor installation

A faulty installation not only increases the likelihood of problems but also reduces the life expectancy of the roofing system. You need to a professional for inspection to ascertain that the roof was correctly installed.

Working with reputable companies is one way of preventing some of these avoidable problems with your roof. For Roofing Orlando FL get in contact with one of the best, Stratus Roofing.

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